GSA Laser Scanning IDIQ Update

  1. The GSA recently sponsored a by invite only AEC technology conference.
  2. Managing the ARRA projects has slowed the use of the laser scanning and BIM IDIQ contracts.
  3. The GSA is predicting that the IDIQs will see more use once the ARRA projects wind down.

The GSA recently sponsored a Capital Construction Conference in New Orleans. This included a Project Knowledge and Technology Showcase where 60 exhibitors in the AEC industry were invited to attend. This included the BIM and laser scanning IDIQ contract holders from around the country as well as other prominent hardware, software and service providers. This event was not open to the public.

As it turns out the GSA has not been been utilizing the IDIQ contracts to any significant extent, which has been of real concern to the contract holders given the level of effort that was made in winning these awards. The main reason for this is that the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act – ARRA caused the GSA to have to focus their resources on these projects rather than the IDIQs. It is not clear to me why the ARRA projects did not need laser scanning services, but I don’t have that information.

Going forward the GSA central office believes that the regions will be working through the ARRA projects in the near term and that they will begin to shift over to projects that will make use of the IDIQs. The contract holders are being encouraged to make contact with the regional offices in order to help get things started. That was in part the purpose of the recent meeting.

Time will tell.

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