GSA Awards Laser Scanning Contracts

  1. The high profileĀ  GSA IDIQ laser scanning contracts have been awarded.
  2. It will be interesting to try to track the amount of work that is actually generated.
  3. There are some valuable LAS utilities that have been noted in the comments recently.

I have been told that the GSA notified the winners of the IDIQ contracts on Sunday. The public announcement should have been made in FedBizOpp, but I have been checking and as of right now it is not there . I’ll keep looking, but let me know if you see it before me.

The Interested Vendors list for the solicitation is an interesting read in itself. This is a Who’s Who of the laser scanning industry here in the US.

It will be interesting and I suppose challenging to actually track the work that is generated from these awards. Hopefully there are a number of projects that are ready to go.

If you are working with LAS data please have a look at the recent Comments from Martin Isenburg. He has a number of utilities that sound valuable.

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3 Responses to GSA Awards Laser Scanning Contracts

  1. csnoke says:

    I don’t see any posts by Isenburg on recent blog posts..? I’m familiar with his work at UNC but am interested in reading what he has to say. Can you point out the post to me?

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