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Google Goggles

This has the potential to be life changing. Rumor has it that Google is going to release their augmented reality eye glasses later this year. In the late 90’s I was heavily involved in the development of a GPS personal navigation device that included a microdisplay. There was tremendous interest in microdisplay technology at that time, but it never developed into a consumer market.

Reason – resistance to how one would look with the glasses on, especially from women. It never made sense to me. We use binoculars, we hold up cameras to our face and of course we wear glasses, but hopefully this is going to be different.

The potential uses of a heads up display are endless. Of course Google wants to deliver ads, but can you imagine the kinds of technical information that could be displayed as a location or context aware app? The need for 3D information is going to be even greater. No wonder Google has been mobile laser scanning the world.

They think BIG.

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