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Going Green Business Challenge – A YGP Initiative

Nasa Going Green Business Challlenge

YGP Going Green Business Challenge

I have been thinking about how to provide the Younger Geospatial Professional’s group with a high impact project that would have a universal appeal and that the group could get excited about working on.

I have an idea that I would like to share. For now I am proposing to call it the Going Green Business Challenge. This is an effort to address climate change at the local, grassroots level, around the globe through your work environment.

The basic idea is that each YGP (Younger Geospatial Professional) will become an advocate within their work group for driving the business model of that group to seek out projects that have a positive effect on reversing the destructive environmental path that the planet is currently on.

The YGP Group on LinkedIn now has over 500 members. Click here if you would like to join and help us spread the word by telling your friends and colleagues – younger and older about this important effort. Everyone is welcome and your support is needed in every country of the world. This deserves to go viral.

According to the vast majority of climate change experts we  have a mere 10 years to reverse the destructive trends that we are currently supporting. By 2030 if we have not changed the trajectory of the curves it will be too late. See this video for a detailed explanation of the facts supporting this position.

This is not meant to be a negative message – far from it. I am optimistic, particularly when you see what the youth around the world are doing to protest the destructive policies and inaction. They will soon be voting and when they do, change will be a lot more likely to happen, but we can’t wait.

So we need to get this effort launched. To do that we need engagement and examples of people acting on this challenge. If you are interested in joining this effort please send an email to me at For now we can use this blog and the YGP LinkedIn group to communicate with the world on our progress.

I am sure many of you are working on projects that already qualify as Going Green. Please post these on the LinkedIn group and/or send me a longer description that I can use as a blog post.

One of the important parts of the challenge would be to work with your employer to set goals for the percentage of green business that your organization will be involved with in one year, two years and five years, along with some idea of the details of how this will be achieved. It would also be great if your employer would make an announcement that they formally support the YGP Going Green Business Challenge.

I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime I will be actively recruiting people and organizations to join the Going Green Business Challenge and to share their success stories with the world.

Thank you and please share any ideas that you may have on this challenge.

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