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One of the most complex construction projects currently ongoing in the United Kingdom is showing off the progress they are making by embracing 3D technological solutions. In a joint announcement from EDF, a British energy company, and Esri UK, the two entities announced expanded usage of a GIS portal created from Esri UK tools that is being used in the Hinkley Point C (HPC) nuclear power station project. This is the first new nuclear power station being built in the UK since 1995, and includes 8000 workers on a 450-acre jobsite.

From an article by Geo Week by Matt Collins.

This project officially got underway in 2017, and the collaboration with Esri UK kicked off with a proof of concept three years later. After a year in that phase, an enterprise-wide rollout came in spring of 2021, and has continued to grow into this most recent expansion. We hear a lot in the construction industry, and others, about the vaunted “single source of truth,” which is what this portal aims to create, containing a “central source of all spatial data, maps, apps and dashboards,” per Esri UK’s release on the news. The interactive site map contains over 100 different data layers, including BIM models and CAD data, along with things like construction operations, utilities, and emergency preparedness.

One of the other big pieces of this project which is highlighted in the news release is the focus towards making this portal and the tools within more accessible from a mobile setting. Whereas in the past, contractors may have to head back to the office for things like emissions monitoring, checking a spreadsheet on the office computer, this portal allows for mobile access. In other words, the contractor – or foreman, or subcontractor, or whoever it may be – can complete these tasks in the field, saving time and headaches.

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