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GIS and LiDAR Forest Data – A Japanese Perspective

image of GIS and Lidar for Forest Research in Japan
GIS and Lidar for Forest Research in Japan

I am Kei, a passionate GIS & LiDAR Specialist with over 6 years’ experience in Japan, currently living in Canada and looking to continue my career here.

As I have not worked on any Canadian projects but have extensive experience working across the pacific on LiDAR projects, I hope you will find it interesting how LiDAR is done in Japan.

My GIS journey began 15 years ago when I started my geography science study at Beijing Normal University as a bachelor student and was excited that geography students could conduct field trips more than other majors.

During my 4 years of study, I have taken various courses such as Surveying and Cartography, Geographical Information System, Remote Sensing Principals and Interpretation, Geostatistics and Microwave Remote Sensing.

A Growing Interest in Remote Sensing

Gradually, I found myself deeply interested in remote sensing data processing and its application to natural resource management. This led me to take a Master’s program in Environmental Remote Sensing and geospatial analysis at Chiba University in Japan.

I gained a deeper knowledge of modelling large-scale time-series Remote Sensing data for land cover mapping and forest cover change detection. This was applied in my thesis on Land cover change detection using multi-temporal MODIS data for Eurasia. My research object was to develop a more efficient way to analyze land cover change detection, particularly for forest areas using large scale, row resolution data.

Gaining Experience

After graduation, I started to work in Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd (https://www.ajiko.co.jp/en/) Forest consulting department and gained six years of experience with forest resources LiDAR data analysis related projects.

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