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German Government Certifies First Level 3 AV

image of German Government Certifies Mercedes for Level 3
German Government Certifies Mercedes for Level 3

Mercedes-Benz is the first to be certified for Level 3 autonomous driving by the German Government Federal Motor Transport Authority (like our NHTSA). Its Drive Pilot software will be able to travel over 8,000 miles of German highway, in traffic, at speeds up to 37 mph, hands free. We know that’s a lot of qualifiers, but this is a huge step to joining the real hands-free, semi-autonomous systems, from Cadillac, Ford and, okay fine, Tesla.

From an article by Jake Lingeman in Car Buzz.

The system will be available in the company’s flagship S-Class first, but will soon land on the electric Mercedes EQS. The LiDAR-based system “takes the strain off the driver,” according to the release. But we were surprised to learn the system will allow for online shopping, sending emails and even watching movies while driving. However, in a footnote it says “Which secondary activities of the driver are legally permissible depends on the respective national road traffic regulations” so it’s probably covered.

Germany has allowed the use of Level 3 systems on public roads since 2017, but the ways that a system can be certified for use wasn’t codified until this year. And Mercedes jumped on it.

“For many years, we have been working to realize our vision of automated driving. With this LiDAR-based system, we have developed an innovative technology for our vehicles that offers customers a unique, luxurious driving experience and gives them what matters most: time. With the approval of the authorities, we have now achieved a breakthrough: We are the first manufacturer to put conditionally automated driving into series production in Germany,” says Markus Schafer, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG, Chief Technology Officer responsible for Development and Purchasing.

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