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Geospatial Video Challenges Mobile LiDAR

File this one under NOT mobile LiDAR. It comes from a comment to last week’s post about mobile data collection where I incorrectly thought that Fugro Roadware was using LiDAR to collect highway asset data. Turns out they are using a video-based system, which I think is important to be aware of as this represents a serious alternative to the use of mobile LiDAR, at least for asset collection.

The devil is in the details as they say, but the video below, supplied by Kapil Katiyar from Iwane Laboratories demonstrates the effectiveness of their 0mni-directional geospatial video system.

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  • Video based data collection systems have been used for almost 20 years to inventory infrastructure along highways. That’s nothing new, although the ease of measuring in the images has improved over time.

    I believe LiDAR without the image information is not as useful, because it is much easier for a human operator to identify objects in images than in a point cloud. However, the accuracy of the LiDAR point cloud is unsurpassed.

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