Geospatial Revolution #2

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  1. Terry Finnerty says:

    This was really interesting. Thank you. I am a GIS technician for a conservation district in eastern Oregon, and this makes me wonder if there isn’t a niche in the private or public sectors to do training for “crossing digital and GIS cultures,” for lack of better term. Specifically, I work with GIS in agriculture and natural resources, and see potential for using a lot of the applications from the video to make GIS even more valuable for agriculture and urban sectors, but I don’t know how to make the transitions. Someone with far more skills and vision than myself, maybe even a University course as a senior project, could do something like this? Or again, the private sector developing a consulting business to do such. Just some thoughts. Again, great presentation.

    • Michael says:

      I did a project for this for my Master’s degree. I researched energy services and transportation and proposed that decision support systems should be used in planning for a future with better transportation services.

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