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Geodetic Imaging with Airborne LiDAR

This paper, Geodetic imaging with airborne LiDAR: the Earth’s surface revealed, authored by Craig Glennie and others has the potential to become one of the most important in the field. You d0 not want to miss this.

From the abstract, “In this paper we trace nearly a half century of advances in geodetic science made possible by space age technology, such as the invention of short-pulse-length high-pulse-rate lasers, solid state inertial measurement units, chip-based high speed electronics and the GPS satellite navigation system, that today make it possible to map hundreds of square kilometers of terrain in hours, even in areas covered with dense vegetation or shallow water. To illustrate the impact of the LiDAR observations we present examples of geodetic images that are not only stunning to the eye, but help researchers to develop quantitative models explaining how terrain evolved to its present form, and how it will likely change with time. Airborne LiDAR technology continues to develop quickly, promising ever more scientific discoveries in the years ahead.”

Kudos to Craig and his team for this incredible effort.

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