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Geodesy Fundamentals Webinar From NGS

Dave Zenk, NGS Northern Plains Regional Geodetic Advisor is presenting a webinar on Geodesy Fundamentals October 11, 2018 at 2 PM EDT.

NGS Regional Geodetic Advisors - geodesy

NGS Regional Geodetic Advisors

This webinar discusses the fundamentals of astronomy, geodesy, geodetic datums, map projections, and GPS. It is intended to serve as a review tool for students and will point toward additional sources for more in-depth study. Experienced professionals may also benefit from reviewing these fundamental concepts.

Technical Content Rating:

Intermediate – Some prior knowledge of the topic is helpful.

Learn more about the fundamentals of geodesy:

NGS has partnered with the COMET Program to create online lessons on the foundations of geodesy and remote sensing. Review all lesson descriptions, or visit each of the following lessons directly:
• Understanding Heights and Vertical Datums
• Foundations of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)
• Gravity for Geodesy I: Foundations
• Gravity for Geodesy II: Applications
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The NGS Webinar Series invites speakers to present information related to NGS programs, projects, products and services. The webinars educate constituents about NGS activities, and provide opportunities for NGS to gather feedback from its customers.

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