GEO Business 2018 is Next Week

London will be the center of the geospatial business world next week as it hosts GEO Business 2018. This conference which runs for two days on May 22 and 23 is “The geospatial event designed for everyone involved in the gathering, storing, processing and delivery of geospatial information.” That about covers everyone.

GEO Business 2018 features a wide range of technology from GIS to virtual and augmented reality. There are exhibitions, seminars and commercial workshops. BIM is a major topic and of course there is a session on laser scanning. Seminars on Smart Cities, Big Data, UAVs and mobile mapping are also included.

If you are in geospatial business there is something there for you and I have been saving the best for last – it’s free to attend the exhibition, commercial workshops and seminars. How do we get that kind of business model here in the states?

I am not attending this one so please let us know what you find interesting.

Click here for more info.

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