Geiger Mode Lidar Webinar

With the increased interest in Geiger – modeĀ  and single photon lidar this webinar from last spring will help you to understand the benefits of this important new technology.

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5 Responses to Geiger Mode Lidar Webinar

  1. Just one question

    After fly over contaminated areas (plants or something) with radiation the drones become ?

  2. Amplification Technologies has unique designs for SWIR geiger-mode APD technology. Devices have high gain, excellent timing characteristics. Self-quenching mechanism simplifies readout circuitry. Single channel devices and small arrays available for lidar applications.

  3. Wayne

    This is not only a giant technical step. This step will save lifes. Which is pretty most dramatically important
    Just one question. Does the Drone become < after to fly over radiated areas ?? it need to be disgarded after flying or what ?
    What is the deliverable ? a coloured map ? as temperatures ones or what ?
    Thankyou for your clarifications.

  4. In yesterday’s keynote at SilviLaser, Bruce Cook of Nasa pointed out one advantage of his G-LiHT system was to fly low enough to be less affected by clouds. How sensitive is high-altitude Geiger-mode LiDAR to cloudy conditions …

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