Geiger-mode Lidar Correction

The following is intended to correct an error in a previous post on this topic. I am sorry for the confusion.

” AGERpoint, Inc.™ is proud to announce the development of its new LiDAR sensor, the GML100.  The GML100 is the first Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode LiDAR unit on the market to offer multiple returns per flash per detector and a form factor that can be used across a wide array of industries and mobile settings.  The increase in point cloud density made possible by this innovation results in higher quality three-dimensional point cloud data compared any product in its price category currently on the market.”

AGERpoint is only claiming that they have developed the first GmAPD Lidar capable of multiple returns per flash by reducing the impact of “blanking loss” which has been erroneously been assumed to be an inherent characteristic of all GmAPD devices.

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