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Geiger-Mode for Autonomous Market

auto carThis press release from Princeton Lightwave caught my attention.  They are forming a new business unit to pursue the autonomous vehicle market.

Geiger-mode LiDAR has been recommended by the Auto Alliance – which represents vehicle manufacturers that produce 77% of all cars and light trucks in the United States – for its ability to sense beyond 200 meters for reducing collisions.

Dr. Sabbir Rangwala, who has been leading the company’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems activities for several years, is the unit’s President. He affirmed, “Safety is a prerequisite for automated driving, and long-range LiDAR is a critical part of the sensor suite for enabling safety at different levels of automation. Princeton Lightwave is the only company with Geiger-mode LiDAR sensors operating beyond 1400 nm and is uniquely positioned to leverage this technology into the automotive market.”

LiDAR’s benefit for automotive safety is its ability to provide 3D object recognition, which neither monovision cameras nor radar can. Princeton Lightwave Chairman Yves Dzialowski commented, “We are forming the Automotive LiDAR Business Unit in response to this need. The GeigerCruizerTM LiDAR is differentiated from others by its ability to detect low-reflectivity objects beyond 200 meters within eye safety limits. The core device technologies are semiconductor-based, so they will scale in volume to
meet automotive prices.




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