Fusion of Waveform and Hyperspectral

Wang and Glennie have teamed to create an important research paper on the fusion of full waveform data and hyperspectral imaging.

Current research into the fusion of hyperspectral imagery (HI) and full waveform LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) has relied on first processing the full waveform LiDAR (FWL) data to a set of discrete returns before merging because the data structure and sampling interval of HI and FWL are distinctly different. However, additional information about target properties can potentially be recovered if the waveform shape is preserved in the fusion process. This paper proposes a “voxelization” method to register FWL data to HI by dividing the waveform data into voxels, and then synthesizing all waveforms which intersect a voxel column into one three-dimensional superposition waveform: the synthesized waveform (SWF).

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