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Fully Autonomous Vehicle Deployed

NavyaVelodyne LiDAR today announced that, in the first deployment of fully autonomous production vehicles, driverless technology specialist NAVYA will implement Velodyne’s real-time 16-channel 3D VLP-16 LiDAR Pucks as part of a two-year, two-vehicle test with Swiss public transport company PostBus Switzerland Ltd.

The fully autonomous, driverless and electric ARMA shuttles will be subject to two-phase testing. The PostBus vehicles will initially be tested on a private, closed site through the spring of 2016. Once pilot-testing is authorized, the two shuttles will be able to run on public roads in the Swiss town of Sion, the capital of the Canton of Valais, and carry passengers in autonomous mode.

If you have any doubt about the viability of autonomous vehicles this is a must see video.

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