Full Waveform Topo-Bathy Survey

A cutting edge full waveform topo-bathy survey is taking place in Sweden to better understand lake carbon cycling.

The study is a part of an ongoing project aiming to establish a reference area in Sweden for detailed studies that can link the understanding at ecosystem level to landscape scale as well as assess the feedback of aquatic carbon cycling to climate change. Cristian Gudasz, researcher at the Climate Impacts Research Centre (CIRC) at Umeå University in Sweden, is leading the work and has initiated collaborations with Dimitri Lague, Head of Dynamics, Imagery and Modeling of Environmental Systems and Scientific manager of the Nantes-Rennes Topo-bathy LiDAR platform at the University of Rennes in France.

This type of large-scale LiDAR survey has only been attempted once before, in Alaska in 2014. The survey planned in the Abisko area will be the first of its kind on the European continent. The instrument used is the Optech Titan LiDAR system.


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