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Frontier Day – April 15, 2016

IGTF 2016 Lidar NewsAs part of the upcoming IGTF 2016 annual conference in Ft. Worth, TX April 11 – 15 the ASPRS is offering an additional outreach program designed to attract K – 12 students and non-ASPRS consumers of geospatial data and information. In the spirit of the great state of Texas, Frontier Day is going to take place on Friday April 15 at the Ft. Worth Convention Center.

In addition to the educational outreach three business groups are being targeted – oil and gas, public safety and 3D cities. This is a tremendous opportunity for students, educators and business professionals to gain a real understanding of the power of geospatial information and for ASPRS members and companies to interact with a much larger audience of potential customers.

Please help the ASPRS to get the word out about this exciting event and I hope to see you in Ft. Worth.

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