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Follow Up on FARO Freestyle

First from industry guru Michael Raphael who sent me this note:

The new FARO Freestyle handheld scanner fills a critical gap in the 3D scanning market for spaces and objects that are too small for traditional tripod-mounted scanners such as the FARO Focus3D.  The scanning marketplace has been anxious for a quality reliable handheld solution, not based on the Kinect and from a proven OEM, that will perform as advertised.  This Freestyle system appears to be the answer and could dramatically grow the range of 3D scanning applications and users.  We ordered a unit first thing this morning upon seeing the announcement and expect delivery in a few weeks.  We’ll be glad to send out early test results and comparisons to the many other scanning tools we’ve used and tested.

Second this video from 3D expert Eugene Liscio:

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