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Floor Flatness Measured with Mobile Mapping

diagrams of Floor Flatness Heat Maps

Voorheis & Voorheis surveyors push the limits of NavVis’ mobile mapping system for checking floor flatness…and come away very impressed.

Recently, a good client hired us to perform a floor flatness analysis of a brand-new concrete podium slab measuring over 20,000 sq ft.

This client is a general contractor and was concerned he might have to pay a significant back charge due to imperfections in the slab exceeding tolerance. The next contractor in the sequence was the wood framer, who had strict requirements for the flatness tolerance of the floor. If the framer found that the concrete sloped more than .25 inches (6 mm) in 10 feet (3 m), then he would charge the general contractor — our client — roughly $50,000 for additional work to shim and level the framing.

We captured the concrete surface with our FARO TLS scanner, an industry-standard tool for this application. And we quickly found that the floor was out of tolerance, which enabled our client to pass the back charge back to the responsible contractor.

But that wasn’t the end of the story. I also had our new NavVis VLX with me on site, so I took an extra 30 minutes to scan the deck quickly, just to see how it would perform.

The results blew me and my whole crew away.

The setup and workflow

For those of you who want to know, here’s a quick overview of the workflows for both the TLS and the mobile scanners.

Before any scanning, we placed about a dozen survey control points across the deck. I am a surveyor, after all. Next, we scanned with the FARO TLS, processed and registered the data in FARO’s software, converted the file in Autodesk ReCap, and pulled the data into AutoCAD for further work.

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