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First Lidar Enabled Mobile Surveillance System

image of First Lidar Enabled Surveillance System
First Lidar Enabled Mobile Surveillance System

A new collaboration has started between Securitas France, a protective services vendor, and lidar maker Quanergy Systems to provide what it claims is the first lidar enabled remote mobile surveillance solution with integrated 3D lidar.

From an article in Electronics 360 by Peter Brown.

Called Mobile Cam 3D, the security system combines Quanergy’s M-series lidar sensors and security cameras. The system could be used to secure temporary and remote sites such as construction, storage areas, parking areas and more.

The mobile surveillance units can be deployed for perimeter protection and intrusion detection where infrastructure is limited.

The systems can provide detection and situational awareness of security threats while being remotely monitored through Quanergy’s integrated computer vision platform, called QORTEX DTC, providing real-time detection, tracking and identification of objects in the secured area.

The lidar sensors operate in any lighting or weather conditions allowing the security system to be placed in any outdoor remote security applications. The system includes object distance and velocity and provides 360° coverage with a range of up to 200 meters in diameter.

Securitas said the low rate of false alarms make the remote monitoring by operators more efficient as the rate of nuisance alarm is divided by 10.

The security system continues the growing use cases for lidar, which has exploded in 2021. While originally the technology was used for satellites and weather, it has been ported to the automotive sector, specifically for use in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and self-driving cars.

And while the automotive sector will continue to be the largest volume for lidar, developers are including its ability for 3D mapping and identification for anything from mapping indoor locations to people counting in smart cities and everything in-between.

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