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First Impressions of the Leica UC and Autodesk Follow Up

  1. The meet and greet was well attended, as it appears the conference will be, and people seemed upbeat.
  2. It sounds like people are finding new ways to innovate with the technology which has Leica seeing a flat year – quite an accomplishment.
  3. I have provided additional info on the AutoCAD point cloud feature.

The conference kicked off with an informal meet and greet. From the registration table it appears that the conference will be well attended, and it seemed that everyone I spoke with was upbeat and optimistic, especially about their scanning business. Overall I understand that Leica’s sales have been essentially flat this year, and that given what the world economy has been through they will take that – deservedly so.

I heard one story about a customer who had invested in scanning and laser tracking that was having a banner year in the new markets that this technology opened up for them. I think this is the key. The people who can afford to make the investment are finding new markets and customers. They are innovating, and if you can’t afford to make an outright purchase then there are still ways to be creative.

For instance I met Brian Dougherty and his wife from Batavia, NY. They have a started Terrecoda Inc. in response to a need they found for leasing scanners. I hope to meet with them during the conference to better understand how they are making this work, but it certainly provides an option to purchase while getting you in the game.

On a related topic. There has been an interesting discussion on a Linkedin group about shipping scanners. One of the more valuable comments that I saw was a recommendation for a rugged shipping container called a Pelican box. The commenter said that she never had a problem with damage once she started using the box.

I have been in contact with a couple of Autodeskers who have passed on some additional links to info on subscription center and to a video, which I had trouble running, but here they are:

AutoCAD Map 3D

AutoCAD Civil 3D

A short video from the Autodesk website:

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