First Geiger-mode Lidar

AGERpoint, Inc.™ has developed the first Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode LiDAR. The GML100 unit offers multiple returns per flash per detector and a form factor that can be used across a wide array of industries and mobile settings.

The acquisition software of the GML100 permits real-time point cloud viewing, facilitating mission planning and monitoring.  Taken together, the mobility and efficiency of the GML100 make it an ideal candidate for deployment in agriculture, defense, and forestry, as well as infrastructure projects such as highway, rail, and utility construction.

Data from the GML100 can be output in industry standard LAS and LAZ formats for analysis, or downloaded to AGERpoint for analysis and reporting through the AGERpoint web-based data platform. Agricultural growers also have the option of integrating their data with the AGERmetrix agricultural information management system.

With pricing projected to be more than 50% below those of sensors currently available, AGERpoint’s entry into the LiDAR sensor market promises to bring unprecedented levels of accuracy to the 3D modeling landscape in a highly mobile, cost-effective package.


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2 Responses to First Geiger-mode Lidar

  1. Dr. Richard N. Dubinsky says:

    Has an X-ray etc. eg gamma , v.short wavelength lidar been developed yet for geo/minerological exploration etc detecting raman, phosphor/fluorescence back/forward scatter response

  2. The first Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode LiDAR? Geiger-mode LiDAR is based on avalanche photodiodes. MIT was doing Geiger-mode LiDAR more than a decade ago. Harris is flying Geiger-mode LiDAR. Sikorsky is flying helicopters based on Geiger-mode LiDAR. We at Princeton Lightwave have been shipping Geiger-mode LiDAR cameras to a far broader range of customers for years. Perhaps this is the first single element Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode LiDAR, but definitely not the first Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode LiDAR.

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