Firm Combines LiDAR with Ground Penetrating Radar

Atlantic Subsurface Imaging LLC is a ten year old firm based in New Jersey. They are utilizing industry-leading ground penetrating radar technology in conjunction with laser scanning to create extremely detailed 3D models.

All of the 3D designs produced are compatible with CAD, BIM, and GIS. Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC is able to provide some of the most accurate descriptions of subsurface areas in the industry. They have helped to build 3D models for everything from small projects to major highways.

Check out this LiDAR News magazine article on the use of laser scanning and GPR for heritage preservation.

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One Response to Firm Combines LiDAR with Ground Penetrating Radar

  1. Rashid Faruqi says:


    By way of introduction I am a Pipeline Consultant and looking for information on Pipeline integrity.

    From a pipeline integrity point of view the biggest two concerns for an underground pipeline would be

    a- shifting soil conditions, and
    b- corrosion, both internal and external.

    ILI tools (pigs) are run in pipelines to determine these anomalies, but its time consuming not only for this operation but also to evaluate this data. what i was looking for was either LiDAR or GPR or a combination of both for this kind of work. now this doesn’t mean that the ILI tool will be totally replaced but it should reduce the number of runs that are required to happen on a pipeline or at least have supplemental data that will assist day to day operations.

    for topographical surveys, LiDAR would be the quickest and best option but is there any way metal detection from a corrosion point of view can be undertaken as well.

    i know i may be totally off track here, but i am just throwing out my thoughts for your comments.


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