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Fine Art Reproduction Using 3D Mapping

Arius Technology, based in Vancouver, BC is teaming with British museum powerhouse, Tate, UK on a five-year fine art partnership to 3D scan and reproduce artworks by world-famous artists and British masters.

Logo from Arius Technology fine art

Arius Technology

Every so often a company really nails their corporate name or tag line. In this case it’s the latter from Arius Technology – “The Intersection of Art and Technology.” That exactly describes  where this company operates and consequently what it does.

I am sure I have seen a presentation on this technology a few years ago, but I cannot seem to find it in the database. In any case, Arius is a world leader in the creation, restoration, reproduction and conservation of fine art using 3D laser scanning.

Turns out Arius acquired the technology from the Canadian National Research Council and is now leveraging it through two other companies – one that is involved with digital printmaking and the other that is involved with making reproductions.

But it’s not your everyday 3D laser scanning (they prefer the term 3D laser mapping) it’s much more demanding and sophisticated than that. When you are dealing with priceless works of art, well, ROI has a different meaning.

If I recall correctly there was concern that the laser beam might have some effect on original surface of the painting.

For more information about this agreement click here.

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