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Final Report on Drones & BVLOS

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Final Report on BVLOS

Russ Niles reporting for AV Web noted, “The FAA has been given a set of recommendations in the final report of a committee struck to study the practical integration of drones into the National Airspace System. The Beyond Visual Line of Sight Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) has handed in its final recommendations and is calling for a uniform set of regulations, some rules of the road to keep crewed aircraft and drones from conflict and an advanced rating for pilots who will fly drones out of their sight. BVLOS operations are considered fundamental to exploiting the full economic and public benefit potential of the technology.”

She continued, “The committee says the FAA needs to first establish “an acceptable level of risk (ALR) for UAS that is consistent across all types of operations being performed” to ensure fair treatment for all types of operations. It also sets up a plan for determining the right of way for uncrewed and crewed aircraft and allowing automated see-and-avoid technology to guide drones in those areas. The committee also says pilots who want to fly BVLOS will need extra training to ensure they can handle the aircraft they intend to fly without visual reference.

Click HERE for the final report.

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