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FIA Using Lidar To Check F1 Car Tolerances

image of FIA to Use Lidar
FIA to Use Lidar

Following the switch to ground effect cars in the main aero rules reset by the championship, the governing body FIA has introduced the new technical control process to help verify the designs that the teams will run each weekend with the information that they provided before each race event. .

From an article in the Bharat Express News.

For 2022, the teams will share their CAD data on the developments with the FIA, the laser scans used to verify that the physical car correlates with this data information.

The laser tool, which was evaluated during 2022 pre-season testing, is necessary because previous metal cutouts used by the FIA ​​to check aerodynamic parts were within prescribed limits where development was and was not allowed in under the previous formula. to be used for new machines.

As has been the case in F1 since 2020, teams provide the FIA ​​with pre-event data on their cars indicating that they comply with the rules and the cars are then checked throughout the weekend to ensure of their physical reality matches.

The FIA ​​will now use the laser tool to perform additional random scans throughout race weekends as an additional method of ensuring teams are following the rules.

Physical tests to ensure that wing and ground flex on the cars are legal will still be carried out on the platforms in the FIA ​​garage at each race, as will checks such as space measurement opening of the DRS.

“The aerodynamic regulations have become much more complex, because they [is] it’s not about deciding if you’re in a box, there are a lot more regulations determining what geometry is allowed,” FIA single-seater manager Nikolas Tombazis said of the new laser scanning system.

“For this reason, we needed to improve the game on checks, so we opted for a state-of-the-art fully electronic scanning system.

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