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FedTech is a Unique Start-up Platform

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FedTech Provides Support for Start-ups

I received an email from an individual that is a volunteer with a very interesting program appropriately called FedTech since it seeks to match entrepreneurs with scientists and their IP who work at federal facilities such as NASA.

I had an interesting conversation with Jason who is part of a group that has been assigned patented technologies from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center related to LiDAR monitoring of gas concentrations from satellites. The patents involve a novel laser waveguide with no mechanical parts and less energy usage, and also an innovative etalon spectrometer on the detection side.

Jason explained, “With the FedTech program, we are trying to explore potential use-cases or markets where these inventions could make a difference. We are also trying to evaluate current technologies to determine if the patents may offer improvements or advantages.”

FedTech is funded by the government and partners with over 25 R&D institutions across the U.S. to identify technologies that are optimal candidates for commercialization.

They bring together entrepreneurs with the world’s most accomplished inventors and researchers from federal labs, agencies and universities.

They mentor, advise and coach our startups to accelerate them from idea to MVP and assist with building meaningful relationships with customers, partners, suppliers and investors.

Their eight week program uses lean startup techniques while focusing on the unique aspects of commercializing federally funded technologies. We move fast and validate, pivot or kill business models.

For more information click here.

This video provides a concise introduction the FedTech program.

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