Federal LIDAR Business Opportunity

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is currently planning to procure technical services in support of NGA’s Innovision Directorate LIDAR Program. The tentative acquisition strategy is a Small Business Set-Aside competed amongst General Services Administration (GSA) schedule holders.

That narrows down the field. A deeper look into the SOW reveals a requirement that “The primary place of performance will be at a contractor’s facility located in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, however all personnel working full time under this SOW are required to spend at least 2 days per week at NGA’s Campus East in Springfield, VA, one of which will be Monday.”

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  1. I have contacted them by phone previously – however I was led to believe their satellite data wasn’t stereo graphics wasn’t covering US cities in 3D Lidar format.
    Now, if they do go Lidar, they know I have the most important use of that data ever conceived and is ultra Geo-Intelligence real time application. I have completed a few cities by estimate and two by Lidar as seen on the web site. Their project and mine
    should overlap this use of the data. The web site is being updated this week & next?


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