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Feasibility Study Relies on Drone Survey

surface from Feasibility Study Relies on Drone
Feasibility Study Relies on Drone

MP Design Group, a multi-disciplined architecture & engineering firm headquartered in Biloxi, Mississippi, uses drone LiDAR from Microdrones for surveying, mapping, and many other applications across the southeast United States. Recently they used the mdLiDAR1000LR on a project for the Simpson county school district to create a boundary and topographic survey of the property for a feasibility study survey. Learn more about the project and see the LiDAR point cloud created in this brief 3-minute case study video:

Greg Thompson is the VP of field services at MP Design Group and manages all drone surveying projects for the company. Recently, the Simpson county school district hired MP Design Group to provide a boundary and topographic survey of a heavily wooded area to see if the property was feasible to develop a new high school and athletic facility.

“We chose drone LIDAR to topo this site,” Thompson explained. “This was a fully wooded site with lots of, hills, creeks, and ditches that would make a traditional survey challenging. Using drone LIDAR made it more economical, faster, and ensured that we could provide a better end deliverable to our client.”

Riley Jacobs is the drone pilot at MP Design Group that Thompson relies on to create and execute a safe and efficient drone surveying mission.

“Planning this mission for Simpson county school district was pretty challenging due to the fact of the changing topography and how heavily wooded it was,” said Jacobs. “In addition, there was a large amount of underbrush and limited access to the property. However, the flight planning software, mdCockpit, made it convenient to plan this flight because we were able to use all the features which made us feel really confident about the mission.”

For the complete story on the feasibility study CLICK HERE.

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