FAA to Require UAS Registration

rieglCan you guess what the hottest holiday gift is going to be this year? How about a UAS? I just saw a TV report that predicted 1 million will be sold in the next few months. This is exactly what we don’t need and likely the reason that the FAA, who is now really playing catch up is about to issue an order requiring that all UAS be registered. Somehow I doubt that is going to happen.

According to NBC News the federal government will announce a new plan requiring anyone buying a drone to register the device with the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Under the plan, the government would work with the drone industry to set up a structure for registering the drones, and the regulations could be in place by Christmas.

And in case you think the FAA is not pursuing companies that are not following the rules last week, they proposed a $1.9 million fine against Chicago drone company SkyPan, which was alleged to have flown dozens of unauthorized flights over Chicago and New York since 2012.

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1 Response to FAA to Require UAS Registration

  1. John says:

    I think that UAS’s under private ownership, other than engineering, land surveying, forestry, geology, etc. could cause private property problems. Mischievous people can spy on peoples outdoor socials like parties, anniversaries, golf clubs, Little League baseball. The list goes on.

    There has to be a limit with UAS usage. Even if people register their UAS devices there are privacy laws. Governor Jerry Brown of California passed a new state law concerning paparazzi photographers imposing on celebrities private property.

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