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FAA LiDAR Follow Up

Nick Palatiello from MAPPS provided the following comments on yesterday’s blog:

“MAPPS has been working on this issue in great length with both the LiDAR manufacturers and users. An announcement was sent to the MAPPS membership earlier this week and was addressed yesterday at the MAPPS Fall Policy Conference (Dulles, VA in conjunction with ASPRS/Pecora). MAPPS is seeking examples of FAA policies, regulations, circulars, directives, or practices that are deterring, impeding or inhibiting operations of LiDAR or instillation of LiDAR systems in aircraft. MAPPS will be sending a letter that will highlight and specify those FAA activities that need to be reviewed and revised. The comment deadline is November 30. Please contact me directly ( if you have examples or would like more details. ”

As an example of a regulation that is discouraging the use of LiDAR Bill Gutelius provided the following link – FAA Rotorcraft Air Worthiness Directive, SW-06-68.

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