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FAA Drone Announcements – What’s the Impact?

Image of FAA Drone Announcements
FAA Drone Announcements

We’ve seen several FAA drone announcements over the past few weeks, and this has led a number of you to ask us: what’s changed? Let’s break down what we know and the impact of these announcements, including:

Operations at Night
        Operations over People
        Online Recertification for part 107
        Remote ID

From a blog post on the the DroneDeploy website.

At the DroneDeploy Conference this year, we discussed the forthcoming rules to support Remote ID with representatives from the Commercial Drone Alliance, the FAA, and Airbus UTM. Much of the FAA’s work with drones these past few years has been in service of opening up the skies to productive, commercial drone flights, and ultimately to enable fully autonomous commercial flights beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) – all without a waiver.

DroneDeploy customers have often benefited from this work, enabling them to scale massive drone operations safely. Part 107 remote pilot certification accelerated commercial drone adoption, while LAANC has opened up drone flight operations near airports.

We’ve worked closely with the team at Airbus UTM on this subject, and if you’d like more detail on remote ID, head over to Joe Polastre’s blog post on this topic.

Drone Operations at Night
On Dec 28, The FAA proposed a new rule regarding operations at night and over people. The executive summary is available here. This rule will invalidate existing nighttime waivers, so see the recertification section for more details on that.

In short, Remote Pilots can re-certify to fly at night via an updated recurrent online training, and equip their drone with flashing anti-collision lights visible for 3 statute miles.

Drone Operations over People
In the same rule comes a description of four eligible categories of drones that are described for operations over people. The drones undertaking these types of operations will also be required to meet the new Remote ID rules. More information on categories and these kinds of operations are available in the executive summary, or in the full documentation.

For the complete article on FAA drone announcements CLICK HERE.

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