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FAA Approves Night Flights

drone__20160203120903_ZHThe Federal Aviation Administration has issued the first approval for flights of small commercial drones at night, according to lawyers for the operator, in the latest sign of how quickly U.S. regulators are moving to authorize expanded uses of unmanned aircraft. (Editor Note – Not really)

Responding to pent-up industry demand for more flexible rules, the move will allow the U.S. unit of Toronto-based Industrial Skyworks Inc. to perform nighttime inspections of buildings and roofs with specially equipped drones flown by specially trained pilots — and under a spate of additional safety conditions. But the FAA’s decision, which could set an important precedent for the nascent industry, highlights that agency leaders are discarding or revising earlier operating restrictions for unmanned aircraft systems as part of policy shift that seems to be gaining speed.

This is a more detailed report.


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