Estimating LiDAR Point Position Errors in Advance

The current ASPRS PE & RS has an important article on estimating LiDAR point position errors using a simplified analytical model. (You must be an ASPRS member to download the full article from the site.) The authors – Triglav-Cekada, Crosilla and Kosmatin-Fras are attempting to provide a method for predicting the expected average and maximum horizontal and vertical errors, given the allowable roll, pitch and heading specification for the mission, as well as a number of readily known parameters. The authors admit that they had to neglect a number of other possible sources of error, which are discussed in some detail, but they believe this is justifiable.

I certainly do not have the training or expertise to critically discuss the approach, but I would certainly like to hear from others who do. If defensible, this will certainly be of potentially significant value to the industry. In any case the paper is certainly worth the effort to read and discuss.

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