Esri Survey Summit

The Esri Survey Summit begins a week from today in San Diego, CA and runs through July 12. For the first time the ACSM – American Congress of Surveying and Mapping is co-locating its annual conference with the Esri Survey Summit and User Conference.

I count at least 9 sessions where LiDAR will be the main topic, but I think it is fair to say with Esri developing their own point cloud technology that there will be a lot of discussion outside of the sessions. Look forward to seeing you there.

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  1. Dale Lutz says:

    Hi Gene,

    Yes, this promises to be quite an interesting few days for sure. The group assembled there should provide for quite illuminating discussions as to how LiDAR and GIS are going to play together in the foreseeable future.

    I’ll be demoing/unveiling what the ESRI Data Interop Extension (which is a subset of our FME) can do with LIDAR data at 10.1 during my talk at the summit, which is at 2PM on Sunday the 10th.

    Should be fun!

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