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Esri LAS Optimizer Updated

Clayton Crawford reports that Esri has an update to Esri’s LAS Optimizer (EzLAS). he commented, “I think the most significant aspect is support for LAS 1.4. Secondly, for archiving/sharing LAS, is that we’ve now exposed the ability to do integrity checking of zLAS files. So there’s no need to ‘zip’ zLAS in order to get CRC checking for data transmission.”

Version 1.2 enhancements include:

– Support for LAS 1.4, all point record formats.

– Output zLAS files are backward compatible when LAS 1.3 or earlier payload is used.

– Retain original time stamp upon decompression if LAS file not altered in any way.

– Command line switch to verify integrity of zLAS files.

– Option to stop process when encountering error with a file.

– Drag and drop files/folders into application dialog from Windows Explorer.

– Does not overwrite log file.

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