Epic Scan Delivers Advanced Building Documentation Services

Carlos Velazquez and his team at Epic Scan, in Medford, Oregon are leaders in the use of laser scanning for documenting buildings. They have an impressive You Tube channel that demonstrates the scope of their services and expertise. Carlos tells me that they are using Pointools to create an animation like the one below as a standard deliverable. Carlos is also active in helping to develop the U.S. Institute of Building Documentation, the USIBD.


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  1. Annie Sauser says:

    Most of what is in this video can be done by anyone with a computer and Google Earth. What we need in for the documentation and care of historic buildings is not moving images of building exteriors with trees in front of them or of interior corridors full of boxes. What we need is the ability of scanners to accurately record the exterior and interior surfaces and details of buildings and with those scans to then produce extremely accurate two dimensional drawings of the existing conditions; with only a limited need for three-dimensional images of specific ornamental detailing. This is not a wow type product, but it is what we really, really need if we are going to embrace and use the scanning technology.

  2. Annie,

    You will be happy to know that all the data was collected using terrestrial LIDAR systems in conjunction with a traditional total station to validate the accuracy of the data to be +/- 1/4″. Additionally, we produced 2D Orthographic Projections of the raw scan data. These are a scaled 1:1 .tiff of the raw scan data that represent every last detail of the building and can be used in any CAD platform. The Architect, Nadia Anis of Ferrari Moe, then used the Orthographic Projections for her drawing set. Here’s a link to some images of one of the sheets, detailed analysis of the building facade and photos of the building in San Francisco: https://www.icloud.com/photostream/#A2Grq0zwJFhn88 

    On a side note, I appreciate your passion for Architectural Heritage and think you and your firm would be a tremendous asset to USIBD (www.usibd.org). This is a non-profit organization that’s focused on developing standards for building documentation. I’m the chair of the standards committee and Nadia Anis is chair of the sub-committee focused on heritage. I would be happy to discuss more about scanning, our services or USIBD anytime. Feel free to contact me at carlos@epicscan.com anytime. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

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