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Entertainment Industry Realizes Lidar Provides Control

In an impressive pair of presentations from the entertainment industry yesterday both companies explained that lower cost lidar scanners are a game changer. It turns out that lidar provides such a high level of accuracy that they can use it to control all of the visual effects.

Originally published June 2019 at HxGN Live.

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Entertainment Industry Finds Lidar

Springbrook Entertainment is an immersive content creation company involved with virtual and augmented reality was up first. Their founder explained how the affordability of Leica Geosystems’ BLK360 on a recent project has caused them to decide to re-architect their entire 20 year old workflows incorporating the use of lidar. They recently processed over 350,000 polygons for a project.

Even more impressive was the presentation by Lucas Films and Industrial Light and Magic creators of Star Wars and many other award winning films. The representative explained that great VFX requires control. They have adopted the BLK360 as the standard on all of their projects. It’s being used as the glue that allows the editors to piece together the real world scenes captured with cameras to the special effects created in the studio and with the computer.

As Burkhard Boeckem, CTO of Hexagon Geosystems explained the “simplistic perfection” of the new BLK2GO handheld mapping sensor is based on a combination of lidar SLAM and Vision Inertial SLAM which added together results in what they are calling the GrandSLAM.

The other new member of the BLK family of products is the BLK247. This stationary sensor is designed to use lidar in real time to identify possible security breaches and threats. It’s a new market for Hexagon Geosystems and one that includes a liability factor unlike any that Geosystems has had to deal with to date.

It will be interesting to see how the disclaimers are positioned to address this.

It’s been a very rewarding week. Thanks to the Hexagon team for making this such a valuable event. Word has it that the next HxGN LIVE will be in 2 years. It’s hard to keep up the new product release cycle on an annual basis.

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