ELMF 2011 Set to Open

The European LiDAR Mapping Forum – ELMF 2011 opens tomorrow in Salzburg, Austria and runs for 2 days. The expected attendance is 500 – 600. There are 8 mobile mapping vehicles scheduled to be on site, and there will be a debate on the value of open source software which I hope we get to hear about.

If you are planning to attend perhaps you could share a few highlights.

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  1. Gene – also this week is Autodesk University in Las Vegas and I/ITSEC in Orlando. AU will definitely include much on 3D point clouds while I/ITSEC is all about digital simulation primarily for defense related applications – obviously a major segment for laser scanning, 3D imaging, digital modeling, etc.

  2. Oh and I forgot to also include Euromold going on this week in Germany. This is a major show including all things 3D scanning/modeling for closer range industrial apps.

    Lot going on this week after our Thanksgiving holiday, not sure why.

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