Eliminating Crosstalk

When two or more lidar sensors are in operation at the same frequency there is the possibility that crosstalk will occur. This could cause a vehicle to take evasive actions when they are not called for. Facet Technology is offering a license for their crosstalk elimination technology.

Essentially this software encodes the signal with a digital signature such that the return signal can be uniquely identified.

John Dolejsi, CEO of Facet Technology, says “Facet is working with several Tier 1, Tier 2 and LiDAR suppliers to engineer their next generation products to be crosstalk safe and secure. Our company’s mission is to help make vehicle automation safe and affordable for all stakeholders in the industry. Suppliers are starting to solidify their hardware designs for the mass-production of automated braking systems. We feel that this technology is too important to the success of the industry to limit its availability to a handful of select devices. We are racing against the clock to implement the safe hardware modifications for all automated braking systems.”

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