Egypt’s Most Beautiful Tomb Now in Virtual Reality

Photo: Experius VR

With the government limiting access to the Egyptian tomb of Queen Nefertari most of the history buffs and tourists will never get to see the incredible beauty of this amazing underground structure in person. However, thanks to Reality Virtual, Experius VR and Curiosity Stream you will now be able to take a highly accurate, virtual reality tour.

The project began with a highly accurate 3D scan of the tomb that includes more than 5,200 sf of wall paintings. Discovered in 1904 the government has limited access to all but a handful of private groups.

“With modern technology, we can capture these monuments in fuller detail than ever before, including the color and texture of surfaces alongside the geometry captured by the laser scanners with millimeter precision in 3D,” Chance Coughenour, a digital archaeologist and program manager with the Google Arts and Culture division, said in a press release.

In the trailer below you can get some idea of what the newly released virtual reality experience is like.




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2 Responses to Egypt’s Most Beautiful Tomb Now in Virtual Reality

  1. A terrific education tool!
    Is this going to be available in the Oculus Store?

  2. Great! Is there a way to incorporate VOXEL data?

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