EFTN – Elevation for the Nation and SilviLaser 2009

  1. The USGS gets $140 million, in part for LiDAR mapping.
  2. This will help to move the EFTN concept forward.
  3. The forestry industry needs to be aware of SilviLaser 2009.

The Washington Post reported yesterday that the USGS would be receiving $140 million in funding from the stimulus package to support, in part, LiDAR data acquisition. The National Research Council Committee on Floodplain Mapping recommended last year that LiDAR be used as the primary technology for modernizing the FEMA mapping program. This accompanying report called for an Elevation for the Nation – EFTN program to parallel the Imagery for the Nation – IFTN  program which is more mature and moving into Phase 1 implementation. This is one part of the stimulus plan that will produce jobs in the short term and produce a long term benefit to the taxpayers.

I received a note about another LiDAR conference that I was not aware of. Silvilaser  2009  will be held in College Station, TX, October 14 -16. This is the 8th annual version of this international conference focused on lidar applications for assessing forest ecosystems. Topics include forest inventory, ecological applications, terrestrial and space platforms. The forestry industry has always been interested in remote sensing, and vice versa. LiDAR, particularly when combined with other sensors holds real promise for finally producing the volume information that the forestry industry just might be willing to pay for.

If you are interested in tracking the benefits of the stimulus package checkout Recovery.gov to see where and how many jobs are being created.

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