Dumb Point Clouds

AWB_5639-2-onlineHere’s the problem with laser scanners – they are dumb, or as they point out in this article from the UK, “Whilst the point cloud gives a dimensionally-accurate 3D representation, from a BIM perspective it is still very much dumb data with little embedded information.”

To support the use of BIM the point cloud and legacy data can be used as a base to create a Revit model which contains data-rich components with built-in parameters to enable additional asset data to be introduced. This embedded data can then provide a wealth of information for renovation, construction, facilities management and, indeed, the asset lifecycle of the station itself.

This project was undertaken by Bridgeway Consulting for the UK’s Network Rail. It was a large-scale project to create a 3D digital model of Liverpool Street Station in London. The model was to be based largely on 3D laser scan data collection in the field by surveying teams, which would then be supplemented and cross-checked against existing asset records.

The logistics of producing such a model relied heavily on integrating data with some 29,000 legacy drawings from the archive in York, some of which dated back to the original construction of the station in the late 1800s.

Relying on these drawings alone would import a large element of risk when producing a current as-built record so, to supplement the model, over 600 fully-coordinated 3D HDS laser scans were produced of the entire station.

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