Dual LiDAR System for Environmental Studies

Here is an interesting concept for a dual LiDAR system. In Africa the technical means to monitor atmospheric pollutants and climatic changes are lacking at present. This motivated a team in Algeria to cooperate with a lidar group in South Africa on research in this area.

The teams are developing an innovative mobile system containing two separate lidars. This dual system has several advantages relative to the use of a single lidar. For example, the two devices share some components, which makes the system cheaper, more portable, and versatile. Most importantly, it allows for the use of a single apparatus for more than one application.

In our dual system, one of the devices is intended for the early detection of fires in the continuous mountainous forests in northern Algeria, especially in the hilly and inaccessible zones where the risk factor of a forest fire is high in the summer. The second lidar is planned for atmospheric studies of pollutant aerosols, especially those emanating from two cement plants in the Algiers metropolitan area and sand aerosols from the nearby Sahara desert.

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