Drone’s and Autonomous Vehicles

I am finding it a challenge to keep up with the interesting autonomous news items this week, so rather than hitting “delete” I thought I would try something a little different – a quick synopsis so you can decide what you want to learn more about:

  • I heard a presentation by AEye at SPAR. Of all of the autonomous vehicle start-ups I think the strategy they are using is the most interesting. They beleive that 90% of the data being collected is not needed so they are using AI and computer vision to find the important 10%. If you want to read an in-depth article on their technology click here.
  • Brent Gelhar provided this heads up on what claims to be the first autonomous vehicle using solid state lidar sensors. China’s Alibaba has demonstrated a MEMS solid state lidar (see photo) on a delivery truck. The lidar comes from China’s Robosense, without a lot of details. To learn more click here.
  • Shifting gears to the drone world, the Department of Geological Sciences at San Diego State University (SDSU) recently teamed up with Geodetics Inc., a sensing and navigation company, to research the San Andreas Fault in Southern California. The interesting part of this story is the claim that they do not need ground control to achieve the desired accuracy. Click here and see what you think.
  • And finally, Esri has released a new version of Drone2Map. It’s version 1.3.1 and it has support for classified point clouds, enhanced ground control point viewing, improved texture mesh creation and additional support for cameras. Click here for the details.

Let me know if this format works for you.


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