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Drone Training Courses – Simple and Effective

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Standard Operating Procedures are Needed

Thanks to Brandon Leibowitz at Drone Workforce Solutions (DWS) for the contact and the information on drone training.

Simple & Effective Drone Training Courses
The field of drone flying becomes more and more competitive as the years go by. That is why it is a must to update our knowledge and skills constantly. You can do so by enrolling in drone training courses. If you’re on the hunt for simple and effective drone training courses, keep on reading to find out more.

Basic Flight Training Course
Basic drone training courses offer you a complete package to help you become a licensed drone pilot. These courses consist of both theoretical and hands-on training to prepare you for your certification test and teach you how to fly your drones safely. These types of training courses typically last for a few weeks (usually less than a month).

Test Prep Courses
If you’re looking for training courses specifically created to prepare you for the FAA certification test, you can look up test prep courses. These courses are usually conducted online. Thus, it is highly ideal if you can’t personally attend classes. You can do it anytime, anywhere, at the comfort of your home.

Photogrammetry Training Course
An indoor photogrammetry training course teaches you how to effectively apply drones in data capture and creation of 3D models. You will also gain practical experience in processing data with professional photogrammetry and drone mapping software. This highly specialized training sets you up to be successful in your future photogrammetry projects.

Flight Planning and Execution Training Course
This advanced training course will introduce you to real drone flight issues and emergency scenarios. This includes training in hazard identification and weather assessment. Moreover, this effective course also covers training for emergency responses like collisions, signals loss, hardware failure, etc. It is a course that will enable you to become a competent and safe drone pilot in all scenarios and environments.

Drone Agriculture Technology Course
Drone agriculture tech courses are specifically created to help farmers and forestry professionals maximize their productivity and profits. Some special skills experts teach in this course are remote sensing to monitor crops, plant analyses, geo-mapping, etc. All of these are more cost-effective compared to more traditional means.

Flying drones are not only meant as a recreational activity. Over the past years, they have become a valuable tool in many fields. To get started in this career path, one must find simple and effective drone training courses that will supply them with vital skills and information.

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