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Note – This information is being provided by Aerial Services, Inc.

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This eBook is a compilation of articles written by Mike Tully, President & CEO of Aerial Services, Inc., over the last two years about drones and their application in remote sensing and mapping. Each article addresses the rising use of this phenomenal new, transformational technology aka Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), and small UAS (sUAS).

ASI’s desire is that you find this information engaging and instructive. Drones are a powerful, new “enabling” technology … and a remote sensing and mapping game-changer. Many new business opportunities will be discovered and emboldened by their widespread adoption and exploitation. It is our desire this material accelerates your success with these technologies.

Each chapter contains a single article written in the past and includes a graphic indicating when in time the article was published relative to other defining UAS events during this period. The articles are compiled in chronological order.

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