Disposable Drones

While most people are doing everything they can to protect their drone from an accident, DASH Systems has developed a low cost drone for delivering packages that in their business model can be considered disposable. It’s made of plastic foam, plywood and some other plastic parts.

In fact DASH considers itself to be in the shipping, not the drone business. They will air ship your package anywhere in the world using a “cutting edge UAV backbone.”

The trick to this service is that you have to be able to get a commercial aircraft to fly over your location so that the disposable drone can be launched at the right spot. (Is anyone beginning to wonder what this service might cost?) It may be somewhat of a moot point since the intent is to provide these services as part of an emergency response effort. The economics change when lives are at stake.

The aim is to deliver at remote target areas that are beyond the reach of other courier services due to inaccessibility. “Many times, we found that during times of crisis or humanitarian need, it’s very, very difficult to get supplies into remote regions,” said Joel Ifill, chief executive officer and co-founder of DASH Systems. “Couple that with reduced or destroyed infrastructure. Those are the areas and circumstances under which this system really shines,” said DASH Systems co-founder Joe Caravella.


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